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"See First" Feature of Facebook|Customer Support

Facebook Tech Support number can help in getting rid of the crowd of undesired posts, populating our News Feed.

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Let’s discuss how we can control what to see in our News Feed in the given tutorial. Facebook is the leading social networking site with more than 1.84 billion users across the globe . Moreover, it is also a potent advertising tool and a humongous selling point. People use it for business promotion and that’s why our news feeds gets crowded with the undesired posts that we don’t want to see. Also, there are some annoying friends on Facebook that keeps on posting all day due to which we miss the important posts, that have some significance in our lives in any manner.

But no need to worry for this as Facebook has bestowed its users with the option to control what they want to see in their News Feed.

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Amazing features of Facebook Help desk

Facebook is become one of the most famous Social sharing sites today. Thousands of people are register an account on Facebook on daily basis. There are so many thinks you can do on Facebook, but due to lack of knowledge you don't know how to do. In that time Facebook Help Contact will available to help you round o'clock.

See First is also one of the amazing features from Facebook that helps us to prioritize the posts from the persons or pages that we love to see from the crowd of the mixed posts.

Selecting a person or page to see first will make their posts at the top of your news feed. The person or the page will not get notified that they have been chosen by you to see them on the top of your News Feed. You can also contact Facebook Technical Support to enable See First option to your account and

Follow the given feasible steps to use see first from your News Feed preferences-

  1. Click Prioritize who to see first
  2. Type the name of the page or person you want to see first in order to select them

To enable See First option from a profile or Page:

  1. If you're not already following the profile or Page, click Follow below their cover photo
  2. Hover mouse over Following or Liked near their cover photo
  3. Now select See First

You can select only up to 30 people or pages to see first in order to see their post on the top of your News Feed. You can not prioritize the posts of the people or pages you have chosen to see first.

Hope this piece of information is helpful. If you still have doubts regarding nay of the steps, then you can contact Facebook Customer Support Number to acquire the desired help in the most efficient manner.

You can take help by making a Contact on Facebook Customer Service Number: +1-855-777-5686(US/CA), +44-800-051-3717(UK), +61-180-082-5192(AUS)

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